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About Me

Hi! I’m Michelle, the food-loving author and photographer behind Hope, Love, and Food.

This site reflects my interest in food, which is sometimes sweet and sometimes savory and always delicious. I started this blog with my husband and our two sons. My oldest, in particular, loves to watch cooking shows with me, to help me in the kitchen, and to assist me with the photography and recipe tasting for this blog. Most important, he loves cookies more than anyone I know!


I am happiest when I can learn about the things I love. My father worked as a cook for a period of time when he was younger, and his Sunday brunches are some of my favorite childhood memories. My grandmother used to create elaborate meals for our family, and my mother loves to bake. Everyone has influenced me in some way. However, I am mostly self taught, and my biggest motivator is the joy others experience when you cook or bake something special.

Why Hope, Love, and Food?

As is the case for most, my family has experienced many ups and downs over the years. One of the things I have noticed is that we always come together, in good times and bad, to enjoy a meal. Whenever a favorite dish is prepared it brings happiness to the table. Food is also a wonderful way to help others and to give back to your community. Most of all, hope and love are treasured life perspectives and the lens through which I wish to experience life and interact with others, so I decided to include it in the name for this website.

  • Hope for the future and for the people we care about.
  • Love for our family, friends, and community.
  • Food for the role it can play in our lives and the lives of others.

Hope, Love, and Food: live, laugh, and eat together—one meal at a time.

Hope, Love, and Food Recipes

All of the recipes on this site have been made, tested, tasted, and photographed by my family. I believe it is important to share recipes we love. I work hard on all of my blog posts to ensure I am providing quality recipe posts with as much detail as possible. Recipe tests happen frequently, and I often make a recipe multiple times before I think it is ready for Hope, Love, and Food. I want you to love the food you make!

My Family

We’re a busy family who likes to have fun, and we’re usually listening to music and spending time in the kitchen. Sometimes we need quick and easy meals and sometimes we like to spend time together making special treats. I’m looking forward to sharing our recipes, stories, and love of food with you!

If you have questions about this site, please contact me.